Employee wellness just got easier

Now you can have a corporate wellness program that’s engaging, easy to manage and cost effective – and is available 24/7 from any device.

Activate is an online health platform that energises and engages your employees, helping them boost their performance and stay healthy and fit all year round.

Think of Activate as a digital defibrillator for your business, injecting energy and enthusiasm into your employees.


The all-in-one, ready-to-go employee health solution

Activate is your employees’ personal trainer, nutritionist, motivational speaker and performance tracker, on call any time.

Corporate wellness on-demand

100% online and available on any smartphone, tablet or computer, Activate is there whenever and wherever your employees want us to be: on site, in the office, at home or in the gym.

Wellness gamification: driving change

There’s nothing like some healthy competition to keep you committed to your health and fitness goals.

Activate pits your employees against each other and themselves through gamified challenges and integrations with all the major wearable tech brands including Garmin, Fitbit, Strava, Jawbone and Misfit.

Laser focused on results

We’re here for one reason — to deliver results for your employees and your business.

We give your employees the tools they need to take charge of their health, and give your business the tools to measure the impact.

Tailored to you and your business

You can customise Activate to match your company’s branding, content and corporate objectives. We can even integrate it with your existing third party systems.

Trust us, this is what we do

Benefit from our 30+ years’ experience in corporate wellness. Activate is powered by Healthworks, the corporate health experts who’ve been helping organisations boost their employees’ health and productivity since 1984.

Download your free eBook, How to use gamification to engage and energise your employees!

Discover why gamification works and how can it help your wellness program, even with limited time and budget.

Activate gives you more than 1200 health articles online and 11 DIY personal fitness programs. Combine that with online health checks covering mental and physical health and integration with wearable activity trackers and you have the platform that is redefining corporate health.

You’re looking for a complete employee wellness solution that will energise and activate your workforce – one that provides real results. Learn about the team that are going to provide it.

About Us

Activate was created to disrupt the employee wellness industry and provide businesses with a complete corporate health solution that is high tech, low cost and delivers results for employees and employers alike.

How It Works

Activate gives you a fully online, mobile responsive corporate wellness program. It’s an all-in-one results-driven solution.

Activate Features